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Seeking an AVP to join the Tax team!

Company Information:

Investment Firm

Job Description:

• Prepare federal partnership tax returns and Schedule K-1s for tiered holdings partnerships and regarded advisor entities. Assist with the federal return for publicly traded partnerships and multi-state tax return preparation for tiered partnerships.
• Experience in preparing Section 704(c) calculations and Section 743(b) and Section 734(b) calculations with large partnerships.
• Gather and analyze complex financial information for purposes of tax reform, PFIC, CFCs, etc.
• Assist with the U.S. reporting of foreign investments and reporting of U.S. investments held by Non-US citizens.
• Participate in tracking partnership/partner tax basis.
• Perform complex allocations of income/debt.
• Calculate and track book/tax differences.
• Compile and review partner data.
• Respond to tax authority requests.
• Assist with FATCA and CRS compliance.
• Perform quarterly and annual partnership projections and allocations to assist the Firm’s partners with making quarterly estimated tax payments.
• Prepare summaries of state income/apportionment factors.
• Prepare partnership withholdings including ECI, FDAP and states withholding and composite payment.
• Maintain partnership units and PSPs.
• Ensure proper work paper documentation.
• Assist with income tax provision preparation (ASC 740)

Requirements / Qualifications:

• Must have relevant tax experience with a concentration in domestic partnerships. Corporate tax experience is a plus.
• Minimum of 6 years of experience to carry out the responsibilities of the position, gained in either Public Accounting and/or a combination of both public and private experience.
• Strong computer skills, especially strong Excel skills, including Pivot Tables and V lookups.
• Working knowledge of tax return preparation systems, especially OneSource.
• Knowledge of US reporting of foreign investments including PFIC’s, CFC’s, CFP’s and Form 926s, etc.
• CPA or graduate degree preferred.
• Must produce timely and accurate records, and understand that supporting work paper documentation is paramount.
• Strong verbal and written communication skills: this position interfaces with members of the tax and accounting departments.

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