Greenwich, CT Hedge Fund – Valuations Analyst

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Greenwich, CT Hedge Fund – Valuations Analyst

Company Information:

Greenwich, CT Hedge Fund

Job Description:

The Valuation Analyst will be responsible for critical valuation work across our funds. The role requires a deeply analytical and detail-oriented professional who can work independently and collaborate with others to analyze, check and document all aspects of the valuation process. The Valuation Analyst will be part of a team that integrates into the broader Finance organization at the firm.
Responsibilities may include, but are not limited to:
• Maintaining detailed documentation of inputs, processes and conclusions
• Carefully analyzing and checking work produced by other Valuation Team members
• Contributing to primary and secondary research
• Building models and conducting rigorous financial analysis
• Streamlining and maintaining monthly valuation processes
• Coordinating with external valuation service providers and Viking’s auditor as needed

Requirements / Qualifications:

The ideal candidate possesses the following traits:
• Detail orientation: a diligent work ethic and consistent commitment to quality.
• Operational effectiveness: an ability to maximize the efficient use of resources while avoiding errors
• Efficiency: an ability to think critically about processes and suggest improvements.
• Accountability: strong ownership of responsibilities and deadlines.
• Open mind: willingness to work on a variety of projects and processes initiatives and consider alternative approaches.
• Growth mindset: an eagerness to learn, contribute and grow.

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