Regulatory Reporting Analyst

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The team is primarily responsible for financial and other periodic reporting submissions to various banking supervisory authorities in the US. You will help the team by managing supervisory examinations relating to financial/operational matters while analyzing new products and specific transactions for financial regulatory control adherence and capital impact.

Company Information:

Investment Banking.

Job Description:

• Assisting in preparing various regulatory reports for US Branches & Intermediate Holding Company (IHC) in the US to the Federal Reserve Bank
• Being responsible for regulatory compliance with relevant regulations, and providing detailed analysis of data contained within the filings and trend comparisons
• Ensuring that there is internal Regulatory data integrity and monitors the compliance with internal and external regulatory limits and thresholds
• Assisting in the development of reconciliation framework between the US Branch or IHC ledgers and regulatory reports, etc
• Assisting in the data aggregation across various infrastructure areas within the US Branch or IHC, examples are, Front Office, Legal Entity Control, Product Control, Risk, Treasury
• Developing data quality process and monitoring framework
• Leading preparation of respective filings as assigned

Requirements / Qualifications:

• Bachelor of Science/Business Administration degree in Economics, Finance or Accounting or equivalent years of service
• Previous experience working in Banking/Finance industry
• Strong written and verbal communication skills

Skills that will help you in the role:

• CPA Certification
• Understanding of financial statements (Balance Sheet/Income Statement)
• Familiarity with accounting principles/practices
• Knowledge of AXIOM

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