Transactions Accountant – $40B AUM Private Equity Fund

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Private Equity Deal Team is looking to hire a Transactions Senior Accountant!!

Company Information:

$40B AUM Private Equity Fund

3 Days in / 2 Remote

Seamless Account

Fully Paid Benefits

8:30am – 5:30pm work hours

Job Description:

This is a unique position which allows the team member to navigate legal, financial, corporate, tax, and operational issues, while expanding upon their accounting knowledge base. Additionally, the role provides the opportunity to gain valuable project management experience as well as managerial skills through overseeing the workflows and responsibilities of the Team Staff Accountants.


Investment Related Planning:

• Assist in the coordination of the successful completion of investments made via international, multi-tier investment structures. This includes working in coordination with our Team Counterparts in the foreign offices, the investment professionals, and local advisors
• Review of investment / transaction related documentation (i.e. Shareholder Agreements, Share Purchase Agreements, Loan Agreements, etc.)
• Liaise with other internal accounting groups (i.e. Fund, Tax, Treasury, Custody) to ensure proper process and recording of investment transactions
• Maintain and review all records and files pertaining to investment activity for accuracy
• Maintain detailed notes of investments in progress to create comprehensive background summaries to allow other team members to get quickly up to speed and cover related workflows as and if needed

Requirements / Qualifications:

• The ability to work well both independently and in teams in a fast-paced environment
• Proactively plan and manage day to day responsibilities and workflow, necessitating excellent project management and multitasking skills
• The appropriate candidate for this position must have strong organizational, communication and analytical skills, be very detail oriented and have the ability to prioritize and perform under pressure, including the ability to quickly re-prioritize and shift gears based on new information
• High degree of responsibility
• Knowledge of Alternative Investment Vehicles and foreign investment structures helpful

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