Hedge Fund FP&A Analyst12 | 301/26/2023
Credit Valuations Analyst12301/26/2023
Management Company Controller12301/26/2023
CLO Operations Associate12301/11/2023
Credit Fund Assistant Controller12301/10/2023
Private Equity Fund Controller12 | 312/14/2022
Hedge Fund Senior Bank Debt Operations Specialist12 | 312/12/2022
CLO Operations Associate12312/12/2022
Management Company and Family Office Controller12312/12/2022
Fund Accountant with a Top Fintech!12 | 312/12/2022
Accounting, Finance & Operations Associate12312/12/2022
Hedge Fund Assistant Controller12312/12/2022
Junior Hedge Fund Trading Assistant12312/12/2022
Associate, Valuation Specialist12312/12/2022
Private Equity Senior Accountant12312/06/2022
Accounts Payable Associate12311/10/2022
Valuations Manager12311/09/2022
Accounting and Finance Associate – Credit Investment Platform12 | 310/31/2022
Investment Associate12310/25/2022
VP Fund Accountant12310/25/2022
Finance Associate12310/25/2022
Financial Analyst – Finance and Risk12310/11/2022
Hedge Fund Middle Office Associate – Direct PM Support!12310/11/2022
Front Office Associate12310/11/2022
Valuation Analyst $115,000-$125,00012310/11/2022
New York Product Control – Fixed Income12310/06/2022
Vice President FP&A12309/21/2022
Management Company Accountant12309/08/2022
Operations Associate12309/08/2022
Valuation Specialist – Real Estate Valuation12309/07/2022
Accounting & Finance Associate12308/04/2022
Treasury Associate – Fintech!12308/04/2022
Financial Analyst12308/03/2022
Hedge Fund FP&A Analyst12308/03/2022
Corporate Accountant12306/07/2022
Fort Lauderdale, Florida – Fund Accountant12306/07/2022
Junior Middle Office Hedge Fund Associate12306/07/2022
Senior Fund Accountant – Fin Tech12306/07/2022
Treasury Associate – Fintech!12304/28/2022
FP&A Specialist12304/05/2022