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Hedge Fund is seeking a Treasury Associate with 3‐4 years of experience.

Company Information:

SEC-registered investment advisor with over $22 billion in assets under management and offices in New York, London and Tokyo focusing on investing in the global high yield market.

Job Description:

The employee will generally be responsible for all aspects of the treasury function. Duties will include:

  • Monitoring cash and margin balances across 60+ funds and accounts across multiple prime brokers and
  • Executing treasury trades and monitoring money market sweep vehicles to reduce cash exposures.
  • Transferring securities between prime brokers to address margin calls and for general margin efficiency
  • Monitoring all unhedged foreign currency balances and calculating adjusting hedge amounts to minimize FX exposures (both position level and investor level hedges).
  • Maintaining a re‐hypothecation report to track any positions potentially being
  • Monitoring/reconciling prime broker borrow reports
  • Maintaining and monitoring “wallet share” by tracking costs associated with prime brokers, custodians and other financing
  • Reviewing outgoing wires for fundability
  • Maintenance and review over soft dollar budget including the sources and uses of commission credits.
  • Assist with the onboarding of new accounts: ISDAs, Prime Brokerage, Futures, OTC Clearing, TRS, Give Up Agreements,
  • Assisting with ongoing counterparty due diligence requests and periodic meetings

Requirements / Qualifications:

In order to be considered, candidates must have 3‐4 years of relevant experience with an asset manager, custodian, prime broker or administrator, or similar institution.


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