Treasury Associate

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This is a terrific opportunity to join a dynamic, top-tier investment management firm. The employee will work for one other Treasury professional (as well as other individuals within the firm), giving them the opportunity to see many facets of the group, and report directly to the CFO.

Company Information:

This  fund is a  SEC-registered investment advisor with over $20 billion in assets under management and offices in New York and London. The firm specializes in long/short credit, distressed debt, structured credit, capital structure arbitrage and leveraged equities.

Job Description:
  • Monitoring cash and margin balances across 60+ funds and accounts across multiple prime brokers and custodians.
  • Executing treasury trades and monitoring money market sweep vehicles to reduce cash exposures.
  • Transferring securities between prime brokers to address margin calls and for general margin efficiency purposes.
  • Monitoring all unhedged foreign currency balances and calculating adjusting hedge amounts to minimize FX exposures (both position level and investor level hedges).
  • Maintaining a re-hypothecation report to track any positions potentially being borrowed.
  • Monitoring/reconciling prime broker borrow reports
  • Maintaining and monitoring “wallet share” by tracking costs associated with prime brokers, custodians and other financing relationships.
  • Reviewing and confirm all outgoing wires are processed for fundability purposes.
  • Assist with the onboarding of new accounts: ISDAs, Prime Brokerage, Custody, Futures, OTC Clearing, TRS, Give Up Agreements, Repo.
  • Assisting with ongoing counterparty due diligence requests and periodic meetings

Requirements / Qualifications:

2-3 years of relevant experience with an asset manager, custodian, prime broker or administrator, or similar institution.

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