Structured Products Investment Analyst

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A prominent multi-manager is looking for an analyst to join its investment team focusing on residential and consumer loans. The individual will be tasked with creating financial models to analyze portfolios, assess risk, and provide recommendations to help guide decisions.

Company Information:

One of the top multi-manager hedge funds with $70B+ AUM, investing across multiple different strategies.

Job Description:
  • Create and maintain quantitative valuation models to analyze residential and commercial loans
  • Use statistical methods to identify insights and risks relevant to loan investments
  • Collaborate with the team to integrate the quantitative analyses into investment strategies
  • Pay close attention to market trends and changes that may affect loan investments




Requirements / Qualifications:
  • 4+ years of relevant experience working with mortgage-backed securities and consumer credit
  • Previous experience evaluating ABS/RMBS/CMBS, and other related assets
  • Proficiency with data analysis software (specifically Python and SQL)


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